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Tuesday, July 28th, 2009
9:31 am
Sucky cyclists and motorcyclists
I haven't posted for a while because there are just TOO MANY sucks!

Today was memorable because as I was standing outside my house, about to get on my bicycle, I was looking left and right for a break in the traffic so I could signal and cross into the opposite lane.

As I waited a motorcyclist came up on the right, parked on a double-yellow line, bringing a van to a dead halt behind it and got off to go into the pub. The pub has a capacious carpark behind the double yellow.

As I was simultaneously boggling at that and waiting for the van to get by (it had to swing into the other lane to get round the bike) a cyclist coming up on the left made an unsignalled right hand turn across the opposite lane of traffic and mounted the pavement within inches of me before cutting across the pub carpark and proceeding round the corner.

I hate both of you and so did all the car drivers.

Also, bonus suck points to the cyclist I followed through three intersections later on, who didn't signal once when turning right three times in a row (third time across a busy main road). Seriously, it's not that hard to stick an arm out.
Tuesday, November 25th, 2008
2:25 pm
The blind leading the blind
I've been complaining recently about people who step out into the road without looking. This is so much worse for cyclists than car-users because people can hear a car when they can't hear a bike - although, to be fair, it would be worse for the pedestrian if they did step out in front of a car.

Anyhoo, this has happened to me a lot recently. I'm very high-vis on my bike (lights & fluorescent yellow jacket) but that doesn't help when people don't look. At least twice a week some fool will step out into the road without bothering to turn their head in the direction of oncoming traffic and I yell at them while slamming on the breaks.

Yesterday I shouted at a blind person. Well, really I shouted at the blind person's carer.

As I cycled home two people stepped out into the road almost under the wheels of my bike. "Oiiiiiiaaaah," I yelled "watch out, watch out, watch out!". (I am not not at my most articulate when being scared stiff by numpty pedestrians.) And then, round about my first "wacth out" I noticed the bright white stick of pedestrian 1. Pedestrain 2 was holding their arm and directing them out - into oncoming traffic.

Jebus H Christ. What the holy hell is wrong with someone who, when acting as a carer to a BLIND PERSON, would lead them into danger because they can't be bothered to use their OWN EYES!?

The mind. It boggles.

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Monday, September 29th, 2008
12:10 pm
Football fever
Cycling home on Friday I saw a couple of young men ahead of me in the road playing with a football. I slowed down and prepared to giove them a wide berth, expecting them to have the sense at least to keep hold of the ball as I approached. (They'd picked it up after having lost control of it once before.)

No, instead, they started punting it about and just as I approached gave it such a mighty whack it bounced up and almost hit me in the head. (It would have hit me if I hadn't ducked.

What makes this especially annoying is that there is a park with a football pitch just two blocks up the road.

Monday, September 8th, 2008
12:31 pm
What jerkitude
This morning I was cycling along behind a jerk who was also cycling while on his mobile phone. Then, obviously finding the whole process too complicated he decided to come to a full stop IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD and continue chatting with me stuck behind him.

Well done jerky cyclist. That's:
a) Dangerous
b) Illegal
c) Stupid
d) Selfish

Can I get an air-horn and blast people like this out of their tiny little minds?
Friday, August 8th, 2008
8:30 am
Idiot Boy In His Fancy Car
Here's another. Driving home last night, I was by Carshalton Ponds, turned left towards Wallington, driving along the main street. I notice a car behind me trying to get past me on the inside - mainly because he swerved that way, then realised he couldn't get past due to parked cars (which I was avoiding, obviously!).

The lights near our road turned to red - there was just the one car in front of me, and Idiot Boy In His Fancy Car. The lights went green, and myself and the car in front both started to continue as you would (me about to turn right into Park Lane, while a bus turned left from Park Lane onto the main road where we were, the direction I was about to turn. Idiot Boy In His Fancy Car decided that this was the time to overtake myself and the car in front, swerve to avoid a head-on collision with the bus (which did an emergency stop, not unlike the car in front in fact), then just drive up to the Wallington Green lights on the other side of the road, ignoring the red lights, to make it across that junction.

At that point I turned to get home - but god - I was shaking for a while afterwards. Lucky I had my wits about me and wasn't the first in line at the lights. Amazingly Idiot Boy didn't hit anyone, but he did leave a lot of drivers wondering what on earth had just happened.

I just wish I had the kind of memory that remembered number plates, as I'd have reported him for dangerous driving. Bleh.
Monday, July 28th, 2008
9:31 am
People! Behave!
Look, I know today is sunny and none of us want to be at work, but seriously that is no reason for dangerous driving and cutting up everyone else.

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Thursday, July 24th, 2008
8:29 am
Dear Other Drivers
Especially you, white van man, last night. If I'm driving in the lane to turn right, that doesn't mean you just pull out in front of me, leaving me miliseconds to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision. See what I did there? Stopped my car from getting smashed up by your white van. Clever, eh? Trying to then nudge in front of me is not cool, is not big, and is not clever - especially when I'm trying to turn left and get out of this traffic jam. You will not intimidate me off the road, I'm driving away.

As for you, bleached blonde woman in a silver car, who was driving behind me. The road breaks into three. The right hand lane for those going right, the middle lane for those who are going to turn left or right, and the left hand lane for those turning left. So if you're behind me, and I pull into the middle lane (while indicating I'm turning left), it doesn't then mean that because I'm still indicating, that I'm not going to go into the left hand lane - so there's zero point in putting your foot down, driving in the left hand lane faster than me, cutting me up. So yes, that's why I crossly shouted at you, and slammed my brakes on. I didn't want an accident last night. Learn how to drive, please? Learn that when another car is indicating they're turning left, it means just that. Get a bit of road sense?

There, I feel better now. There were some idiots in South Wimbledon and Mitcham as of last night. Grrrr!!
Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
4:49 pm
More suckiness
Cycling up the hill to work...

I arrive at the bottom of the hill and see thre bikes all waiting at the bottom of the road for a police car to come down the hill. Police car reaches the bottom and moves off so all the bikes begin the crawl upwards. I am forth in line.

One block up a yellow van comes in from a side road and takes the point position ahead of the first bike, so the new order of hill climbers is:

1. Yellow van (going slowly because of cars parked on either side of narrow hill)
2. Bike A
3. Bike B
4. Bike C
5. Bike D (me)

There was less than a metre between each vehicle.

At this point a car arrives at the bottom of the hill and speeds up to take position 6 behind me. And honks. And honks. And HONKS REALLY LOUDLY BEHIND ME!

Quite often I will pull in to let a car get past me because it's not worth keeping them on my tail for the length of the hill but in this case I was ignoring them for what I would hope was the obvious reasons. But after the third honk I turn round and yell:
"I've got three bikes and a van ahead of me, what do you expect?"

At this point I also give up and let the car get past. It passes me and moves up to menace the nikes. Bike C's cyclist heard me yell, looked round and scoped out the situation and moved to the side. Bike B's cyclist was made of sterner stuff and kept on going for a bit before the honking got too much for him. Bike A's cyclist turned off on to another road, avoiding the conflict.

So the car successfully bullied its way up behind the yellow van and then has to damn well sit there for the next three blocks because the van couldn't go any faster. So what was the point of that honking. Absolutely no point at all - besides pissing off 4 cyclists.
Monday, June 30th, 2008
10:46 am
Three sucks
On the road to work I was in a bad mood so bound to notice the suck but seriously these idiots would have been annoying any day:

1. Cycling with a dog on a lead
You fail at life. If I had anyway of identifying you I'd report you to the RSPCA.

2. Walking down the middle of the road without looking.
You stepped out without looking, you walking on without looking and you failed to cross to the other pavement. The road is for vehicles. Are you trying to die?

3. Mobile phone use on the road in the the middle of a three way junction.
Are you insane? There's a pavement three foot away, move to it and make your call from there.
Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
9:17 pm
When I am king you will be first against the wall
So as I cycled up the Archway Road (the bit near Highgate station for those who know) there was a total tosser driving his crappy metro like the tosser he was. That bit of road is horrible. It's short, there's a bus stop just after a junction and two lanes of traffic, such that when crossing the junction most stuff has to get into the lane without the bus stop, and then pull back in again to continue the journey. There's another set of lights not much further on and mostly it's just chaos of people trying to get into the correct lane and getting stuck in lanes.


I noticed this tosser being a tosser about getting out of and back into the left lane and gave him plenty of space as he clearly wasn't paying attention. He pulled into the queue at the lights, which then changed. The 10 or so cars in front did not move quickly enough for him, as he began to beep his horn. He was about 4 foot from the van in front and rather than wait for that van to move accelerated and just kept going right up to the tail of the van. I was just behind thinking 'tosser, I hate it when people sit right on my tail.' And then, to my surprise, he just drove into the back of the van. He didn't even try and stop, he just drove into it. Maybe he just wasn't paying attention but it looked like he just drove into him

I considered stopping to advise van driver that the guy had just driven into the back of him without even trying to stop, but decided I couldn't be bothered to get involved, probably should've done though.

Other thing that really pisses me off at the moment is loud things on the road. Cycling behind a cyclist who rang his bell every time something moved, even if it was just a pedestrian innocently walking along the pavement. And also, those crappy loud-exhaust motorbikes that seem to infest North London. Ohhh they piss me off.
Thursday, May 8th, 2008
4:12 pm
Battered and bruised
I am covered in bruises, a giant one on my left breast (owch) and a smaller one on my right shin. This is essentially my own fault but indirectly caused by other road users being crap.

Coming home from work last week I was behind a row of slow cyclists, people moving so slowly I was not peddling except to keep myself upright. I would have moved past them but there was a fairly steady stream of cars on my right so I kept in the cycle lane.

Then the cyclist in front of me made an unsignalled right hand turn into the stream of traffic just before a roundabout. I turned in horror wondering if she would end up under the wheels of a car (which she didn't, some nifty dodging took her out of harm's way) and while I watched I cycled straight into the metal bollard her bicycle had been obscuring. It hurt. A lot.

So, a cautionary tale. Don't get so involved in the suckiness of others that you fail to recall you are a road user yourself and bollards may be lying in wait for the unwary. Oh, and kudos to the clycist behind me who stopped to see if I was alright. You weren't at all sucky.
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
10:27 am
Yesterday I encountered a woman in a people carrier who refused to let me have my right of way through a chicane; an idiot who decided to overtake me on the approach to some parked cars with oncoming traffic; and two people who insisted I should be on the cycle path, not the road.

One guy was in an orange open top vintage Triumph, nice car; drives up behind me, comedy tooting. No need, there's plenty of room to pass.

"Use the cycle path!" as he passes.
"Use the motorway!" I reply.

He doesn't like this. As a sign of his annoyance he gives me a hand gesture indicating the number of driving wheels his vehicle has. I cheerily respond with a similar gesture indicating the number of wheels connected to my drivetrain. We part company, both having learned something about the other's mode of transport.

I was a bit too out of breath to call him a donkey-raping scumbag.
Thursday, May 1st, 2008
11:13 pm
Public Service Announcement (with swearing)
Don't fucking cycle on the footpath.

Or drive in the bike lane.

Or drive the wrong way in the bike lane. It's not a fucking contraflow.

And don't park in the bike lane, either.

In fact, if not a bike, stay the fuck out of the bike lane.

And don't walk out into the sodding road without looking. I don't want to see you die even if you do deserve to.

And don't turn right without indicating.

Even if you're a bike.

In fact, bike and car users should learn how to indicate right, left, and slowing/stopping, and then do it.

And car manufacturers can please stop making trendy invisible indicators.

And I should start using http://iparkedinabikelane.org/ stickers.
9:56 pm
Bad parking
This happened on the way back from work and I immediately thought of this community, which managed ot clam me down.

I'm cycling along a cycle lane with parked cars to my left and moving cars to my right. A car on my right moves over in front of me and then pulls in to drop someone off. Only it leaves the back half of the car sticking out into the cycle lane.

So I come to a full stop and stare at this car. I can't imediately move right becaus eof all the other cars and it takes me a while to wait for a gap so I can get past. Meanwhile one woman gets out of the car and stops to thank her driving friend and neither of them spare a glance for the cyclist completely stalled by their inept manoever.

"That was pretty stupid," I comment, at which poin they notice me and giggle.

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008
9:24 pm
last week, walking down the hill, i watched a girl crossing the road at the zebra crossing. one way along the road is two lanes (one a bus/left turn lane). someone had stopped to let her cross in the right hand lane and she was just stepping into the bus lane when some idiot came shooting down the road, clearly oblivious to the stopped car in the other lane, and came within an inch of sending her flying, and just zoomed off, presumably happily oblivious to any bother he may have caused :/

Current Mood: aggravated
6:13 pm
Ooh, I have two.
I was driving on the southbound M1 today, after having looked after my mum for a couple of weeks, there's a section of the road where the speed limit is 50mph where the lanes are narrower.

So I tootle along at that speed, in the outside lane, as it doesn't matter, as we're all going at that speed (and there's lots of lorries straddling the other two lanes anyway) - apart from the agressive man behind, who decides to drive right up my back, while flashing his lights, and indicating right (ie, move over, I want to drive really quickly in front of you). Oh, did I mention he was in a white van, too?

I mean, the fact I have someone in front of me keeping to the speed limit (so even if I had moved over, it's not like he could get any further), as well as vans to the left of me, so I can't move out of agressive idiot's way (who incidentally, after doing that, picked up his mobile phone, and appeared to be chatting away to someone, very safe), you would think that drivers would look at the bigger picture, when they're bullying someone out of their way!!!

Needless to say, when the restrictions stopped, me and the car in front both moved over to the central lane, and idiot driver then put his foot down. Shame I was on my own, as if husband was in the car, I'd have got him to take a note of the driver's number plate, and reported him for dangerous driving (and taken photos of him on the phone too).

I stood (or should that be drove?) my ground though. How dare he!

Oh, and can I also add, I almost knocked over a cyclist last night. Very scary. It was dusk, the cyclist had no lights on, was in my blind spot, so nothing alerted me to the fact he was there on the roundabout - in fact, it's lucky it was a roundabout, as I was going so slow I managed to stop in time, once I realised my path wasn't clear. I'm a good driver, I've got good road sense, but just because I have doesn't mean I can assume everyone has. Hopefully that man will be investing in some bike lights today... it was bloody scary.
2:59 pm
The roads around here are paved with good intentions
And they're going to get me killed.

It's lovely that you have a big shiny heavy high car and that you're generous enough to stop in the middle of traffic to let me and my two tiny children cross the road. But there are three other lanes of traffic which I can't see because your car is taller than I am, and none of them are obviously stopped. So don't flip me any birds when I choose to wait until I and my tiny children can tell whether or not we're going to be squashed like bugs.

In fact, the only collision I've been involved in was when I was cycling and a car did just exactly this (the driver waved me across for my right hand turn with enormous wavings); I fell for it, and hit another cyclist coming up inside the stopped car, who also couldn't have seen me because the car was so high.

Now I ignore what other road users want me to do and heed the rules and my own safety. I do so like predictability.
12:30 pm
You can just wait.
Dear Impatient Woman,

I turned in at the bottom of the thin and steep hill that is the bane of my cycling route. You were veeeerrrry slooooowwwwwllllyyy driving down the hill so as not to scratch your car on the cars parked to either side.

I waited patiently but since you were so slow decided to take off my jumper because the day while overcast was hot. This is a complicated procedure requiring removal of my helmet, rucksack and jacket first.

Another car driver pulled in behind me and we waited together for your sloooowwww progress down the hill to be completed. When you finally reached the bottom I was finishing the adjustment of my clothes and therefore indicated the other driver could climb the hill first. Also, it is tedious to cycle up a long hill with a car on your tail the whole way.

What I was not expecting, as I put my jacket back on is for you to start flapping your hands at me through your (shut) window. You had buckets of space to move forward, so what was your problem? You wanted to park. To park in the space I was occupying with my jacket/bag/helmet repositioning.

Well, you know what, Impatient Woman? You can just wait. The same way that I and other driver lady waited for you for the last five minutes. And it won't even be as long as that because even now I am putting on my rucksack and adjusting the straps of my helmet and I will soon be on my way. But for now this parking space is being occupied by me. I am blocking no driveway so I know you don't want to get past me - you simply want to be where I am.

Maybe if you'd opened your window and asked politely. Maybe if you'd thanked or even acknowledged the other driver who waited for you to slooooowwwwllly come down the hill. But now you can wait. And perhaps you'll learn to like it.

No love,

12:29 pm
Community rules
This is a community to post stories of other road users displaying bad behaviour. Anyone can join or comment on others stories of suckosity.

The rules:
1. Any type of road user can be a suck. Cyclists who jump red lights, drivers who cut you up, pedestrians who stop in the middle of the road and stare at you instead of moving onwards about their business. Do not make blanket statements/judgements about any type of road user. Yes, even BMW drivers.

2. Do not incite other road users to suck or aggravate them once already sucking. This community does not encourage criminal damage, assault or any other illegal or just plain sucky behaviour. However, we understand and appreciate that someone might suck enough for you to give them the finger (US: flip them the bird) or indulge in invective. Try and save it for the community as much as you can. We won't come after you and try to run you over with a giant metal box.

3. Do not be an asshat or drama llama on this community. If you have an issue with a posted suck, contact the mod. Don't start honking, hooting and over-revving in the comments.
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