Secret Rebel (secretrebel) wrote in road_users_suck,
Secret Rebel

Bad parking

This happened on the way back from work and I immediately thought of this community, which managed ot clam me down.

I'm cycling along a cycle lane with parked cars to my left and moving cars to my right. A car on my right moves over in front of me and then pulls in to drop someone off. Only it leaves the back half of the car sticking out into the cycle lane.

So I come to a full stop and stare at this car. I can't imediately move right becaus eof all the other cars and it takes me a while to wait for a gap so I can get past. Meanwhile one woman gets out of the car and stops to thank her driving friend and neither of them spare a glance for the cyclist completely stalled by their inept manoever.

"That was pretty stupid," I comment, at which poin they notice me and giggle.

Tags: cycle lanes, selfishness, sucky driver
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