Secret Rebel (secretrebel) wrote in road_users_suck,
Secret Rebel

Battered and bruised

I am covered in bruises, a giant one on my left breast (owch) and a smaller one on my right shin. This is essentially my own fault but indirectly caused by other road users being crap.

Coming home from work last week I was behind a row of slow cyclists, people moving so slowly I was not peddling except to keep myself upright. I would have moved past them but there was a fairly steady stream of cars on my right so I kept in the cycle lane.

Then the cyclist in front of me made an unsignalled right hand turn into the stream of traffic just before a roundabout. I turned in horror wondering if she would end up under the wheels of a car (which she didn't, some nifty dodging took her out of harm's way) and while I watched I cycled straight into the metal bollard her bicycle had been obscuring. It hurt. A lot.

So, a cautionary tale. Don't get so involved in the suckiness of others that you fail to recall you are a road user yourself and bollards may be lying in wait for the unwary. Oh, and kudos to the clycist behind me who stopped to see if I was alright. You weren't at all sucky.
Tags: owch!, sucky cyclist, unsignalled turns, warning
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