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When I am king you will be first against the wall

So as I cycled up the Archway Road (the bit near Highgate station for those who know) there was a total tosser driving his crappy metro like the tosser he was. That bit of road is horrible. It's short, there's a bus stop just after a junction and two lanes of traffic, such that when crossing the junction most stuff has to get into the lane without the bus stop, and then pull back in again to continue the journey. There's another set of lights not much further on and mostly it's just chaos of people trying to get into the correct lane and getting stuck in lanes.


I noticed this tosser being a tosser about getting out of and back into the left lane and gave him plenty of space as he clearly wasn't paying attention. He pulled into the queue at the lights, which then changed. The 10 or so cars in front did not move quickly enough for him, as he began to beep his horn. He was about 4 foot from the van in front and rather than wait for that van to move accelerated and just kept going right up to the tail of the van. I was just behind thinking 'tosser, I hate it when people sit right on my tail.' And then, to my surprise, he just drove into the back of the van. He didn't even try and stop, he just drove into it. Maybe he just wasn't paying attention but it looked like he just drove into him

I considered stopping to advise van driver that the guy had just driven into the back of him without even trying to stop, but decided I couldn't be bothered to get involved, probably should've done though.

Other thing that really pisses me off at the moment is loud things on the road. Cycling behind a cyclist who rang his bell every time something moved, even if it was just a pedestrian innocently walking along the pavement. And also, those crappy loud-exhaust motorbikes that seem to infest North London. Ohhh they piss me off.
Tags: dangerous driving, noise, sucky driver
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