Sleep Deprived Jumble (sevenwindmills) wrote in road_users_suck,
Sleep Deprived Jumble

Dear Other Drivers

Especially you, white van man, last night. If I'm driving in the lane to turn right, that doesn't mean you just pull out in front of me, leaving me miliseconds to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision. See what I did there? Stopped my car from getting smashed up by your white van. Clever, eh? Trying to then nudge in front of me is not cool, is not big, and is not clever - especially when I'm trying to turn left and get out of this traffic jam. You will not intimidate me off the road, I'm driving away.

As for you, bleached blonde woman in a silver car, who was driving behind me. The road breaks into three. The right hand lane for those going right, the middle lane for those who are going to turn left or right, and the left hand lane for those turning left. So if you're behind me, and I pull into the middle lane (while indicating I'm turning left), it doesn't then mean that because I'm still indicating, that I'm not going to go into the left hand lane - so there's zero point in putting your foot down, driving in the left hand lane faster than me, cutting me up. So yes, that's why I crossly shouted at you, and slammed my brakes on. I didn't want an accident last night. Learn how to drive, please? Learn that when another car is indicating they're turning left, it means just that. Get a bit of road sense?

There, I feel better now. There were some idiots in South Wimbledon and Mitcham as of last night. Grrrr!!
Tags: dangerous driving, emergency stop, sucky driver
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