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Secret Rebel

People! Behave!

Look, I know today is sunny and none of us want to be at work, but seriously that is no reason for dangerous driving and cutting up everyone else.

I was cut up three times on my road to work this morning because bright sunshine apparantly renders my bicyle invisible. Oh a special shout out to the blonde woman who pulled out from a stationary position in her parking spot crossed the left hand land and then sped up into the road narrowing as I was coming in the wrong direction. I stopped because otherwise she'd have killed me, I spread my arms in a gesture of disbelief and she called back a jaunty "fuck you". It was the fucking of me I was objecting to, ma'am.

Also, all you bastards for whom I gave way coming up the hill, would it have killed you to thank me?

Finally, every time I go to work I think about leaving some passive aggressive notes on the cars that are parked up the pavement. Something like:
Owner of Monster Car, Leaving aside the environmental implications of driving such a huge gas guzzler, there's a special sort of selfishness to parking your behemoth on the pavement. While the road-side of your vehicle isn't much further into the road than your neighbours' cars, the pavement-side is almost touching your front wall. Does it make you feel extra special to know that pedestrians, especially those with pushchairs are having to use the road, endangering themselves and road users? If you must have a giant car, find somewhere else to park it.

Seriously, can anyone tell me a legitimate reason for parking on the pavement and leaving no more than a 10 centimeter gap between your car and your house? And "because my car might get scratched by passing cars is not a legitimate reason". Unless the car has a disabled sticker (and none of these did) I can't think of any reason why you would need to have a gigantic car three seats wide, three rows long and park it on a narrow road taking up most of the pavement.

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