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Secret Rebel

The blind leading the blind

I've been complaining recently about people who step out into the road without looking. This is so much worse for cyclists than car-users because people can hear a car when they can't hear a bike - although, to be fair, it would be worse for the pedestrian if they did step out in front of a car.

Anyhoo, this has happened to me a lot recently. I'm very high-vis on my bike (lights & fluorescent yellow jacket) but that doesn't help when people don't look. At least twice a week some fool will step out into the road without bothering to turn their head in the direction of oncoming traffic and I yell at them while slamming on the breaks.

Yesterday I shouted at a blind person. Well, really I shouted at the blind person's carer.

As I cycled home two people stepped out into the road almost under the wheels of my bike. "Oiiiiiiaaaah," I yelled "watch out, watch out, watch out!". (I am not not at my most articulate when being scared stiff by numpty pedestrians.) And then, round about my first "wacth out" I noticed the bright white stick of pedestrian 1. Pedestrain 2 was holding their arm and directing them out - into oncoming traffic.

Jebus H Christ. What the holy hell is wrong with someone who, when acting as a carer to a BLIND PERSON, would lead them into danger because they can't be bothered to use their OWN EYES!?

The mind. It boggles.

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