Sleep Deprived Jumble (sevenwindmills) wrote in road_users_suck,
Sleep Deprived Jumble

Ooh, I have two.

I was driving on the southbound M1 today, after having looked after my mum for a couple of weeks, there's a section of the road where the speed limit is 50mph where the lanes are narrower.

So I tootle along at that speed, in the outside lane, as it doesn't matter, as we're all going at that speed (and there's lots of lorries straddling the other two lanes anyway) - apart from the agressive man behind, who decides to drive right up my back, while flashing his lights, and indicating right (ie, move over, I want to drive really quickly in front of you). Oh, did I mention he was in a white van, too?

I mean, the fact I have someone in front of me keeping to the speed limit (so even if I had moved over, it's not like he could get any further), as well as vans to the left of me, so I can't move out of agressive idiot's way (who incidentally, after doing that, picked up his mobile phone, and appeared to be chatting away to someone, very safe), you would think that drivers would look at the bigger picture, when they're bullying someone out of their way!!!

Needless to say, when the restrictions stopped, me and the car in front both moved over to the central lane, and idiot driver then put his foot down. Shame I was on my own, as if husband was in the car, I'd have got him to take a note of the driver's number plate, and reported him for dangerous driving (and taken photos of him on the phone too).

I stood (or should that be drove?) my ground though. How dare he!

Oh, and can I also add, I almost knocked over a cyclist last night. Very scary. It was dusk, the cyclist had no lights on, was in my blind spot, so nothing alerted me to the fact he was there on the roundabout - in fact, it's lucky it was a roundabout, as I was going so slow I managed to stop in time, once I realised my path wasn't clear. I'm a good driver, I've got good road sense, but just because I have doesn't mean I can assume everyone has. Hopefully that man will be investing in some bike lights today... it was bloody scary.
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