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More suckiness

Cycling up the hill to work...

I arrive at the bottom of the hill and see thre bikes all waiting at the bottom of the road for a police car to come down the hill. Police car reaches the bottom and moves off so all the bikes begin the crawl upwards. I am forth in line.

One block up a yellow van comes in from a side road and takes the point position ahead of the first bike, so the new order of hill climbers is:

1. Yellow van (going slowly because of cars parked on either side of narrow hill)
2. Bike A
3. Bike B
4. Bike C
5. Bike D (me)

There was less than a metre between each vehicle.

At this point a car arrives at the bottom of the hill and speeds up to take position 6 behind me. And honks. And honks. And HONKS REALLY LOUDLY BEHIND ME!

Quite often I will pull in to let a car get past me because it's not worth keeping them on my tail for the length of the hill but in this case I was ignoring them for what I would hope was the obvious reasons. But after the third honk I turn round and yell:
"I've got three bikes and a van ahead of me, what do you expect?"

At this point I also give up and let the car get past. It passes me and moves up to menace the nikes. Bike C's cyclist heard me yell, looked round and scoped out the situation and moved to the side. Bike B's cyclist was made of sterner stuff and kept on going for a bit before the honking got too much for him. Bike A's cyclist turned off on to another road, avoiding the conflict.

So the car successfully bullied its way up behind the yellow van and then has to damn well sit there for the next three blocks because the van couldn't go any faster. So what was the point of that honking. Absolutely no point at all - besides pissing off 4 cyclists.
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I routinely get honked at, even when I am on the shoulder or well over and there is plenty of room. There are times when I wish for a paintball gun.
Hope you remembered to blow them a little kiss when they went past...