Secret Rebel (secretrebel) wrote in road_users_suck,
Secret Rebel

You can just wait.

Dear Impatient Woman,

I turned in at the bottom of the thin and steep hill that is the bane of my cycling route. You were veeeerrrry slooooowwwwwllllyyy driving down the hill so as not to scratch your car on the cars parked to either side.

I waited patiently but since you were so slow decided to take off my jumper because the day while overcast was hot. This is a complicated procedure requiring removal of my helmet, rucksack and jacket first.

Another car driver pulled in behind me and we waited together for your sloooowwww progress down the hill to be completed. When you finally reached the bottom I was finishing the adjustment of my clothes and therefore indicated the other driver could climb the hill first. Also, it is tedious to cycle up a long hill with a car on your tail the whole way.

What I was not expecting, as I put my jacket back on is for you to start flapping your hands at me through your (shut) window. You had buckets of space to move forward, so what was your problem? You wanted to park. To park in the space I was occupying with my jacket/bag/helmet repositioning.

Well, you know what, Impatient Woman? You can just wait. The same way that I and other driver lady waited for you for the last five minutes. And it won't even be as long as that because even now I am putting on my rucksack and adjusting the straps of my helmet and I will soon be on my way. But for now this parking space is being occupied by me. I am blocking no driveway so I know you don't want to get past me - you simply want to be where I am.

Maybe if you'd opened your window and asked politely. Maybe if you'd thanked or even acknowledged the other driver who waited for you to slooooowwwwllly come down the hill. But now you can wait. And perhaps you'll learn to like it.

No love,

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