Secret Rebel (secretrebel) wrote in road_users_suck,
Secret Rebel

Sucky cyclists and motorcyclists

I haven't posted for a while because there are just TOO MANY sucks!

Today was memorable because as I was standing outside my house, about to get on my bicycle, I was looking left and right for a break in the traffic so I could signal and cross into the opposite lane.

As I waited a motorcyclist came up on the right, parked on a double-yellow line, bringing a van to a dead halt behind it and got off to go into the pub. The pub has a capacious carpark behind the double yellow.

As I was simultaneously boggling at that and waiting for the van to get by (it had to swing into the other lane to get round the bike) a cyclist coming up on the left made an unsignalled right hand turn across the opposite lane of traffic and mounted the pavement within inches of me before cutting across the pub carpark and proceeding round the corner.

I hate both of you and so did all the car drivers.

Also, bonus suck points to the cyclist I followed through three intersections later on, who didn't signal once when turning right three times in a row (third time across a busy main road). Seriously, it's not that hard to stick an arm out.
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