Ailbhe (ailbhe) wrote in road_users_suck,

The roads around here are paved with good intentions

And they're going to get me killed.

It's lovely that you have a big shiny heavy high car and that you're generous enough to stop in the middle of traffic to let me and my two tiny children cross the road. But there are three other lanes of traffic which I can't see because your car is taller than I am, and none of them are obviously stopped. So don't flip me any birds when I choose to wait until I and my tiny children can tell whether or not we're going to be squashed like bugs.

In fact, the only collision I've been involved in was when I was cycling and a car did just exactly this (the driver waved me across for my right hand turn with enormous wavings); I fell for it, and hit another cyclist coming up inside the stopped car, who also couldn't have seen me because the car was so high.

Now I ignore what other road users want me to do and heed the rules and my own safety. I do so like predictability.
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